Unblocked SuperFighters

To put this simply Unblocked SuperFighters is a simple and yet not an easy game where 2 players are left to fight to the death by attacking each other with a barrage of weapons a lot of skill. There are 5 different weapons in total you can pick up, the AR, the Uzi, the shotgun, the sniper rifle and the good old fashioned bazooka. Don’t have somebody to play against? That is not a problem, in this game there are multiple game modes set out on multiple terrains such as the storage room, the rooftop, the police station, biohazard room, the backstreets and the testing floor, each of these are available for you to discover and there are 3 different game modes to choose between. The VS mode is where you either play against a friend or against the games built in AI, and don’t think that this is a simple solution because the AI is perfectly capable of holding its own against any opponent, of course if you are up for the challenge you can always change the amount of AI players before you begin and then select one of the following Unblocked SuperFighters game modes, first to 3, first to 5, first to 10, best of 3, best of 5 and best of 10, this mode is guaranteed to keep you busy and well challenged for quite some time.

Stage mode puts you against AI opponents and you battle your way through different challenges and enemies that are constantly getting tougher, constantly defeating all in your path until you have unlocked all 12 stages, complete this and you unlock the funny man, an interesting character with a striking resemblance of the Batman villain The Joker.

Survival mode puts you on a custom map and your goal is simply to survive as wave after wave of enemies attack, getting more and more difficult to defeat after every 10 waves. There are also weapon spawn points on the map to help you stand a better chance at survival. Enjoy playing awesome flash game like Unblocked SuperFighters for free at our website, just for free.

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